Desperate Measures

"With his debut collection of mad scientists and classic monsters, childhood wonders twisted into nightmares, and Twilight Zone-style morality plays, Pete Mesling reminds us what's fun about horror—and adds serious chills along the way."—Norman Prentiss, Bram Stoker Award-winner, author of Invisible Fences

He held her hand in the dark, followed the raised lines of her veins. Turned the ring he’d offered up for her hand in marriage. He’d need to wake her soon. They were coming. He could hear them in the hills.
But he couldn’t rouse her, no matter how much he jostled and poked. She must have died in the night. He didn’t dare go out among them alone, so he squeezed her hand tighter and carried it with him into the woods, glad to have taught her the harsh lesson of consequence. For now he had a companion he could bear—and perhaps nourishment, too, if it came to that.


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